TMA – Segment 1: The Cat returns, talking Bigfoot, and DB’s Exit Poll

Welcome back to The Cat, why aren’t people excited about the Cardinals series win in Arizona, The Cat explains why he’s wearing glasses, Jennings wants to get an advance look at Iggy’s book, Strode explains “hold my watch” and shares more Claiborne stories, did the Cardinals have a happy flight, The Cat has knowledge on their frustrations, what’s the biggest need in the immediate future and long-term, what’s up with Waino right now, time for the DB’s Sports Bar Exit Poll, congrats to Plow on his new apartment and new friend, Rob Lowe didn’t respond to Cat’s tweet about seeing Bigfoot, discussing Hoffa’s vault, The Cat defends the show Goldrush, favorite snack cakes, should men shave their armpits, The Cat is enjoying his new Normandie lid, the Fan Page club championship is kicking off today, Iggy went to Sean Penn’s brother’s bachelor party.