TMA – Segment 1: The Cat returns from the Jersey Shore

The Cat has returned from the Jersey Shore, discussing urban hoosiers, is there any update on the whereabouts of Big Al’s putter, who had to climb the rope in gym class, Cucky produced a hype video previewing Duel in the Sun II, will Doug cover the event for KMOV, new additions to the TMA Fan Pin, should you tip at Burger King, how often does fast food get tampered with, Doug is still bitching about Missouri’s uniforms, what will Dave Jackson wear to TMA Live tonight, what’s the FB Live broadcast entail for tomorrow’s golf match, people are still calling Normandie to reserve carts, Doug rants about Brazzers, discussing the merits of golf notes, will we ever be invited back to Tapawingo, Doug has Positive Ratings Impact, how likely are we to have an #FFF tonight, listing Tom Hank films, updating Hayes on Janine and her activity on Twitter, is she ghosting Iggy, where should Tim store kids’ toys, should Tim hire a nanny or an au pair, will there be any robin-feeding at Hotshots, #FunWithAudio courtesy of the ESPY’s, discussing how pro athletes go broke, there’s a disturbing foot massage post on the Fan Page, how to identify a bunion, Vin Scully spoke at the ESPY’s, debating Scully vs. Jack Buck vs. Tim, Doug once had a thing for Cher, who is the best man of All-Time, The Cat encountered a Ty Wiggington signed baseball.