TMA – Segment 1: The Cat returns and Rick Ankiel

It’s an interesting crew in for today’s show, is Schaeffer the rising star of 590 The Fan, The Cat pounded cheese steaks in Philly, sharing old food related stories from Busch Stadium II, #FunWithAudio from The Cat’s journalism on cheese steaks from Fox Sports Midwest, rumor has it that Kevin Siegrest enjoyed a cheese steak off-campus as well, yesterday’s loss was demoralizing for Doug, Schaeffer has some takes, land mines on the text line, is it still possible for the Cardinals to turn this season around, Rick Ankiel is with us on The Appliance Discounters phone lines, Iggy invites Ankiel for a round of golf on him, Doug and The Cat bicker on if people actually believed in Rick reinventing himself as a hitter, Iggy explains producing the Drops of the Week, updating the Email of the Day standings.