TMA – Segment 1: The Cat returns and Malcolm Gladwell on fries

The Cat has returned, how did we experience the eclipse yesterday, it was a cooler feeling than Tim expected, it’s hard to trust those eclipse glasses, The Cat shares his material on Janssen from the Pujols Tournament yesterday, what if the eclipse was actually a cover story for an alien invasion, what did ancient people make of the solar phenomenon, it was cool seeing dusk to dawn lights kick on and hearing crickets who thought it was nighttime, do we believe aliens are already among us, rehashing our Bob Tway breakdown, today is the anniversary of when Larry Nickel called us from inside his bathroom per Deke Dotem, Doug suspends multiple texters, Doug doesn’t remember the eclipse from 1979 being such a big deal, #FunWithAudio from Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast about McDonald’s French fries, these sound clips stir an FS1 style Doug rant, how did potato derivatives become divisive, follow up convo on fries and other fast food options, Doug says we’re a chubby society, discussing how people eat nachos at Busch Stadium on a hot summer day, should Five Guys be considered Fast Food, putting together our Mount Rushmore of fast food chains, it’s time for the WWE Recap with Larry Nickel.