TMA – Segment 1: Stanton News & Making Sick Gains

We’re looking forward to the Email of the Month showdown for November later this morn, Stanton reps met with the Giants last night, kudos to Craig Mish for breaking this report, which baseball writers are furthering agendas, how is leverage being created, evaluating Tiger Woods in his return, Tim tweaked his shoulder, is HGH rampant in Hollywood circles, how much do our listeners bench, imagining the Plow Boy at the NFL Scouting Combine, who’s making sick gains,  predicting where Lance Lynn will sign, where does Mr. Nipples reside and is he Goob 11, Biff wants to host them in his penthouse, are there even more factions on the Fan Page, can we enlist Jon Hamm to recruit Stanton, Fun with Audio of Jason Barrett’s interview with Colin Cowherd.