TMA – Segment 1: St. Louis needs a spirit win for the weekend

Will this be a special 7 o’clock hour, what positives could be taken away from the Mizzou game on Saturday, The Cat was confused by the Tigers uniforms, is North Dakota a big College FB powerhouse, Faurot Field was empty, did the Cards getting swept fall a bit under the radar, Dex was the lone bright spot yesterday and he nearly homered again, they’d almost need to run the table to have a serious playoff shot at this point, Plowsy peppers in some Cal May, the visitor clubhouse at Wrigley Field is an embarrassment, what’s a reasonable distance to hold a mic, Tim doesn’t dig Ed Sheeran, how did he get cast on Game of Thrones, are media required to call protests most peaceful, The Cat enjoyed extra security at Ballpark Village, why were businesses damaged in The Loop, should reporters be in the middle of these events, Doug denies the Boston Tea Party, Hayes is giving the STL a spirit win for the weekend, how likely is Odom to survive this season at Mizzou, the Tigers punter turned in a strong performance, did the team quit, Odom does really seem like Kim Anderson 2.0 says Vaughn, Iggy invited Salina Ford to Hotshots for #FFF, audio forensics of the Florida radio call, a quick chat about the Rams and their empty stadium, would Doug even watch the NFL if it wasn’t for Fantasy sports, Tom from Salt + Smoke phones into the program, Doug offers up his carpentry service.