TMA – Segment 1: Roderick goes topless at Spring Training

Tim dropped his bag and it’s raining to start the program, Cleveland Cavaliers chatter, Roderick and Doug had a romantic evening, The Cat says Lutina’s still has their fastball, Joe soiled Tim’s bathroom, Roderick went topless on FB Live, The Cat’s interested in the sleeping arrangements at the 590 Spring Training condo, evaluating yesterday’s Question of the Day performance from the Plow Boy, previewing this afternoon’s TMA golf outing, people are placing wagers on this contest, Plowsy wants to wear a pink golf shirt today, Cardinals fans aren’t happy about the team getting more sleep this spring apparently, discussing the interview John Mozeliak did with Rick Hummel in today’s Post-Dispatch, hypothesizing on players the Cardinals tried to acquire but couldn’t like Josh Donaldson, was Bud Norris the right move for rotation depth.