TMA – Segment 1: Return of The White Rascal

Charlie Marlow is back and he’s telling us about his coveted hour of radio with Kilcoyne, Hayes takes issue with the show’s title, it’s awfully cold in here and the AC is set to cool, Iggy is a fan of the Manson Family, did LMB inspire them, Manson apparently did a pod, reviewing last Thursday’s TMA Live including a robin-feeding and an #FFF for the ages, Iggy shares an embarrassing stripper story, are sunflowers creepy, flat breaking down Mizzou’s win over Tennessee, bringing back the Brian McCann superstar debate, how big were team dinners for the Astros, media are always looking for turning points like that Rally Cat game, talking team chemistry, Charlie talks about some big doings at home, chatter on the NFL and how Goodell is overpaid, how likely is there to be further franchise movement, what’s to blame for the drop in NFL ratings, will Fantasy Football and gambling save the league.