TMA – Segment 1: Prod Joe says Doug owes $100 for Fantasy

Season’s Greetings to Doug, are takes extra hot on sports radio this week, our tower site is frozen right now, Doug rants about NBA officiating and admits to never having Mom’s Deli, where is Olive + Oak, is it a baseball hat or cap, Mike phones into the program, do people keep score on Christmas cards, talking taints and sapphic play, more couples want to do a Lisa Ann dating game, Prod Joe is alleging that Doug didn’t pay for Fantasy Football again, @ProdJoe phones into the presentation, League Safe says Doug owes $100, is Doug truly done with fantasy sports, up next is Caller Adam, Tim posted a poll on the Fan Page about which days people are working this week, discussing a KMOV news kicker, can Iggy find a wing gal for swap play, are the Swinghaven Board Members legit, remembering the Becky Weisberger Fan Page fiasco, someone is texting pics of Jason Barrett to The Cat.