TMA – Segment 1: Press Conference Wednesday

Ben Fred and Doug are formulating trade scenarios, Mo’s comments indicate that the team is building more for 2018 than 2017, how will the Marlins sale impact any potential trades, could Tommy Pham be on the move, is there any traction to Donaldson and what would happen to Gyorko as a result, opening up the phone lines for a press conference Wednesday, the series in Chicago this weekend could really inform us about the fate of both teams, Ben Fred prompts an FS1 Doug rant, evaluating Michael Wacha and the Cubs performance since the All-Star break, #FunWithAudio from Chris Christie catching a foul ball at the game last night, CNN thought Tim was in charge of WFAN, Doug was working on his washing machine, our press conference continues over the text line, recapping the Larry FB Live with Ballsacks, Ozzie is the greatest defensive player of All-Time, what is the Doyle number and how does it impact MLB’s trade deadline, how heavy of favorites should the Dodgers and Astros be for the World Series, FS1 Doug doesn’t like the Doyle number, discussing on-base percentage, Ben is covering a Mizzou reunion this weekend.