TMA – Segment 1: Press Conference Wednesday

Will Doug and Tim sleep together for warmth, are talent scouts listening to this program, would Plowsy clean animal cages for $30K a year, The Cat worked the stables as a youth, he was also a barrel racer, Hayes is at home on horseback, Plow Boy saw The Hipster of Tower Grove South, is ESPN pursuing us to replace Barstool Van Talk, Timmy the Tickler phones into the presentation to discuss peeing in the shower, Iggy had issues buying an electric razor, is there an update on the Mike Lee situation, what happened to Pat Parris, addressing questions from the text line, Tim watched Rudy this week, Iggy has questions for Tim, remembering how Doug angered the little bantam rooster, Pocket Tube missed getting the video of Matt Holliday accosting the Plow Boy, Mr. Nipples texts a vile query, Rich Gould stories, discussing favorite interviews and podcast ideas, the Rams are rising among NFL Power Rankings, remembering the Rams Rules, talking locker room boners, what’s up with the cuck studio, the Beercats and Ballsacks might both be at TMA Live on Thursday however Larry Nickel is out, Doug digs A-Rod, what would have been in Jeter’s Gift Baskets, we take heat on the text line.