TMA – Segment 1: Press Conference Thursday

Ben Frederickson is sitting in for The Cat, as his journey through Wisconsin with the old ballclub continues. A spirited debate on the merits of sunblock kicks things off, before FS1 Doug takes exception to a lack of attention being given to Yadier Molina these days. Mike Lee makes his debut for the week, and he’s got a new lady to go along with his old lady. Iggy picks his favorite hole, which Doug breaks down the benefits of. BenFred thinks ballplayers need to take policing autograph seekers into their own hands. Tim has rediscovered the presence of Fuddruckers in the ole town, and Iggy’s DMV adventures come back around. Doug fondly recalls memories of Hee Haw tunes. Shrewsbury Seminary Student and Caller Adam sort out some weekend activities.