TMA – Segment 1: Plowsy watches ‘Say Yes to the Dress’

Did it actually storm at the St. Gabe’s picnic, Iggy has fallen ill, Plow Boy does some jumping jacks for the FB viewers, golf chatter, where can one play a round shirtless, Vaughn enjoys a big slab of meat, what’s a caramel apple tartlet, steak conversation, debating if Tim Conway was in Speed 2, chatter about actresses freezing their eggs, discussing age differences among lesbian lovers, Plowsy enjoys Say Yes to the Dress, breaking down the Cardinals, what are Doug’s plans for an afternoon nap here today, additional sleep position talk, is Iggy in Singapore, Plowsy brings heat with the drops, disappointing that Cal May isn’t covering the Cardinals anymore, discussing the flight offerings out of St. Louis, Audio Fun from an angry listener phoning Bertarelli Cutlery, Plowsy always has a reserve high, Doug will free Dotem if Naegel wins the U.S. Open, Wellington backed down on Twitter after Plow Boy called him cute, more HOT takes.