TMA – Segment 1: Plowsy is at war on multiple social media fronts

Doug just paid up on his fantasy bet with Charlie, how do you say guns in Spanish, Plow Boy’s #FFF post on the Cardinals Nation blog was met with mixed reviews, Darin is now watching Entourage and it was weird seeing Blockbuster on the show, Plowsy is also at odds with somebody at Barstool over pot, Charlie is bullish on that Steve in Wildwood, #FunWithAudio from a ridiculous Fox Sports radio promo that played early this morning, should Iggy sell his used speedo’s, Deke Dotem is now over 2K followers on Twitter, somebody is upset about Lesbian moms being depicted on the Disney Channel recently, Chuck likes to keep social media happy, Doug isn’t happy with Dotem’s 8th grade humor, should we become preachers in order to avoid paying income tax or manage property in Columbia, soliciting religious donations, fun with Hoffman drops, why are folks critical of the White Collar Gangsta, how did Tim become an altar boy at St. Gabe’s, Iggy shares church stories, updating the Fan Page Club championship bracket, Doug is selling some used furniture, explaining why a certain reporter thought Doug was moving to Colorado, going around the N.L. Central and examining the Vaughn index, fantasy league chatter, Charlie is playing with Roderick in the River City Rascal legends game this Saturday, accusations are made against Iggy regarding his match versus PGA Pro Dan.