TMA – Segment 1: Plot thickens with Doug’s fantasy payment

Prod Joe promised more evidence against Doug today, flat breaking down the Texas Bowl and a punter winning MVP, discussing controversial celebrations, was this a reality check about the level of competition during the Mizzou winning streak, did the departure of two coaches fracture the team’s offense and who is responsible for that, reaction via the texts, how will this game impact Drew Lock’s future, Barry Odom sounds like he’s in outer space, Doug doesn’t like Texas, did Odom lose equity with Mizzou fans last night, would you want to play a bowl game in the Bronx, can you fake bank transactions online, a Vaughn son is charging Uber rides on Doug’s credit card, Prod Joe calls back into the radio presentation, League Safe put Doug on blast, only old folks prefer paper checks, hunting conversation, what’s the ultimate cuck sport, are gay gentlemen using hunting as a cover story.