TMA – Segment 1: Our local broadcast hero returns

Rejoice for Tim McKernan has return alongside Doug and The Cat, various Cardinals players were inquiring about Tim’s return, Gordon Hayward takes, we’re no longer rudderless, Doug is lousy with mosquito bites, where are the Kirkwood fireworks, The Cat takes shots at Belleville, remembering former anchor Rob Desir, why were listeners at the Charleston airport, Tim discusses his ailments, polling the audience’s expectations for the Cardinals at this point, do Brewers have staying power, discussing how GIF is pronounced, what’s up with CNN and blackmail, discussing random TV shows, joining us on the phone lines is Big Al, Tim golfed with Iggy and Deke Dotem yesterday, how many people will buy carts and beer to watch Tim challenge Jennings at Normandie, how often is there cheating at golf tournaments, Iggy calls out Mo Drummond, Doug contemplates moving into a condo simply to avoid yard work and perhaps make John Vaughn move out, are the Cardinals interested in Donaldson and would the Blue Jays move him, Tim would like to see the team sell off some pieces, comparing Steve in Wildwood to Ray Lankford.