TMA – Segment 1: Nuts and Bolts Baseball & Goob 11 Business

Tim’s fantasy teams for the British Open are not doing well, however he did ship the Cardinals vs. Mets under yesterday afternoon on getaway day, discussing other baseball betting observations, discussing the fundamental mistake that ended yesterday’s game, Rosenthal offers a good opportunity to live-bet his innings, Ben Fred points out that we never really did get an explanation for the play, Doug wants to give Rosenthal a pat on the back, how much culpability does Matheny have for the poor fundamentals, has Oquendo’s absence contributed to the decline, Henster calls in on The Appliance Discounters phone lines to agree with Doug, Vaughn says it’s a players’ game, how seriously was Terry Francona considered after Tony La Russa left the franchise, Doug bickers with Ben Fred, The Appliance Discounters took care of Doug’s washer and dryer, Tim is in love with the sponsors, updating EOTD and The Open standings, Frank’s son is an excellent golfer, why is golf such a mental challenge, Plowsy and Iggy discuss official Goob 11 business, Doug marvels at the weather in England, Dotem and MWB@H are celebrities now because they have their own ‘sodes.