TMA – Segment 1: Nitwittery galore with Ben Fred and Jennings

Ben Fred and Jennings are here for a unique host combination, it was foggy this morning, Plowsy had some issues driving due to construction, he still has Illinois plates even though he’s lived in Missouri for 4 years, Jennings and Ben Fred both watched the fight but didn’t pay for it, describing Alvin Mack’s man cave, Jay was impressed, people love hanging with John Vaughn, how did Fredsy view the fight, Doug is still bragging about watching w/ Biff, what goes on at the Social House golf tournament, #FunWithAudio from Frank listening to Floyd Mayweather’s post-match interview with Sal Pal, how does Jim Gray get so many high profile assignments, Mr. Nipples is a controversial candidate for the Goob 11, last evening’s FB Live was peak Larry Nickel, Iggy wants to see more of Larry’s house in the broadcasts, Cucky builds houses, calling back our pit bull conversation from months ago, could tigers be domesticated, Plow Boy finally caught his first Game of Thrones episode, Vaughn is glad that Dragons don’t actually exist, Strode says wooves instead of wolves, carpentry is a great skill, Iggy has impressive sunflowers, Lady Gaga was at Citi Field, discussing outdoor concerts, who are the best bowlers on the Fan Page, it’s time for the WWE Recap with Larry Nickel, talking steroid testing in WWE, is The Rock a good actor.