TMA – Segment 1: Nitwittery Galore and Larry Nickel

Doug is having trouble with his ear piece, should we do a Press Conference Tuesday, Vaughn and Hayes banter about strikeouts in baseball, Douglas digs that Joey Votto, discussing if players foul off pitches intentionally (again), does Francesa talk hockey, Tarasenko recorded a message for The Cat’s son, we’re looking up a lot of things today, discussing birth names, #FunWithAudio from Francesa on hockey, does the NHL want Ottawa to be a premier franchise, which sport is the most difficult to officiate, Monday Night Football ended with a play that only gamblers would care about, when is the next harvest Plowsy, Tim talks about Tummy Time with his son, Joe Buck and his wife were asked about their first sexual encounter by Howard Stern, can a newborn keep up with stories in professional wrestling, Larry Nickel joins the program for his WWE Recap.