TMA – Segment 1: Natty Nate is boycotting the Cardinals

Lurkers were checking out the Kirkwood Brewhouse patio this morning, The Cat is going to leave treats outside, Plowsy accidentally fires a classic drop, the Twins have a questionable history in the playoffs in recent years, Tim was second guessing his bet on the Yankees, is there beef between Doug and Matt Holliday, The Cat and son ate at Brewhouse last night, our studio needs some signage, what was the origin of “I hear whistles” on the program, The Cat sings, discussing Tiny Tim’s net worth and classic Atlanta Braves lineups, Jennings is in a text group where married men send pics of their wives’ feet, Natty Nate phones in with hot takes on the Cardinals, reviewing some of what John Mozeliak had to say during the Cardinals press conference yesterday, is it likely that a big bat will be brought in for next season, Big Al joins the program to hold Doug accountable, up next is the River Des Peres Yacht Captain, returning after a long hiatus is Paul from the Wealthy Part of West County, The Cat says there’s very little chance that Lance Lynn re-signs here in St. Louis, predicting the Cardinals rotation next year, Hayes expects a starter to be signed, props to Josh from Story of the Year for hooking up Tim’s podcast theme, Sea Monster needs to be more careful with titling, The Cat discusses podcast formatics, teasing Iggy’s upcoming interview with Anne Heche.