TMA – Segment 1: Mournful Morning for Mizzou Hoops

How do we get our listeners ready for Thanksgiving, will Michael Porter Jr. ever suit up again for Mizzou, what should our expectations be for the season now, Doug is curious about how the injury was sustained, does the school disagree with the surgical option, Plowsy and Jennings are sad to see the shine taken off the Braggin’ Rights Game again, what will be left in Porter’s wake at Mizzou, why can kids go so quickly from High School into the NBA compared to other sports from a physical perspective, are teenagers more likely to reach MLB as hitters or pitchers, now we’re talking how hockey superstars are developing faster, what’s up with Mike Lee, Fun with Audio from Mike Leach yet again, discussing if money spent on a lavish wedding is worth it, Caller Ellen critiques our takes via the text line, how many guys just want to marry a rich gal, Iggy and Jay Jr. used to spend lots of time at Failoni’s.