TMA – Segment 1: Mike Francesa is confused by Star Wars

We’re sad that today marks Lisa Ann’s final appearance on the program this season, Fun with Audio from Mike Francesa talking Star Wars, which of us here enjoy Science Fiction, breaking down the Email of the Month race, will Vaughn hone his craft over the holidays, Bitcoin is falling apart, Tim makes interesting noises and has TV programs to recommend, Iggy and Tim were both frustrated by the most recent season of Ray Donovan, talking the economy and Trump, does Doug get Netflix, Iggy talks about Italian porn, Vaughn honors legendary broadcaster Dick Enberg who passed away at age 82, are the Cardinals poised for another move soon, Shrewsbury Seminary Student calls into the program, Marky Mark is discussed, reciting rap lyrics, Audio Fun from Bill Walton last night, Doug is going to be featured on KMOV this Christmas Eve, what’s up with the Blues, why do teams keep hiring their coaches from ESPN, Juan from PP Corp was a delight yesterday, talking Billy Martin.