TMA – Segment 1: Jennings returns to talk about cool people

We’ve got a double-header on deck today, Jennings has some follow up’s for Lisa Ann, Vaughn is losing interest in football, are the Redbirds getting hot enough to win this baby, are more people tailgating for Mizzou than actually attending the games, updating the Fan Page club championship at The Rock, Jay is still addicted to Candy Crush, talking golf and adult starlets, Swope penned a long email to Tim overnight, why didn’t Doug unblock the great Buck Swope on Facebook, the Hipster of Tower Grove South’s email run has been impressive because he’s remained so vile, bashing old Injun Joe’s Cave Ride Magic Man, what’s the outlook for #FFF tonight, work is being done on the patio, will Mrs. Ballsack attend this evening, the construction workers keep winking at Douglas, we’re breeders, Janie the Lesbian wants to go to the Gaga concert, Mike Lee phones into the program, Stingray is our favorite guest now, what if he did a show with Larry Nickel at Hotshots, talking Mrs. Scott and Kayden Kross, remembering when Bree Olson walked out on an InsideSTL event, what did Plowsy do with Jack of Spades, remembering classic FFF’s, what’s up with furries and people who wear costumes for sex, discussing nerve endings located in the foot, are there furries in Hedo, more on this unusual¬†fetish.