TMA – Segment 1: Jennings returns, gaping holes, and Alison Brie’s feet

Jennings is here today because he wanted to weigh-in on the pitbull controversy, did Doug jump the shark yesterday, how to pronounce Chihuahua, Iggy holds his neighbors accountable, why was there a gaping hole on the mound last night, Rosenthal gutted out the save, what’s up with Waino this season, Doug wants to incorporate fans running onto the field as a regular attraction at the game, at one time Jennings spent 4 hours in jail, how can pitbulls be involved in this scenario, reacting to Diaz’s demotion, does anyone in this studio expect the Cardinals to make the playoffs, comparing fireworks to pitbulls, Plowsy is still harping about a potential Lance Lynn trade, there’s a sinkhole at 6th street and Olive in Downtown St. Louis, there’s a gaping hole epidemic, Jay wants to talk about Alison Brie’s nude scene, debating the merits of her feet, Iggy is still watching Orange is the New Black, Doug doesn’t know who Julie Bowen is, discussing more TV babes, Jennings would bang a 65 year-old broad,  how does Iggy pick up lonely gals at the bar.