TMA – Segment 1: Jennings assumes the Vaughn position today

Welcome to Jennings, Doug is taking his turn at the 590 villa in the Hamptons, our show has a deep bench, Tim is altering his Draft Kings strategy for the PGA Championship this weekend, Jay is high on Rory for his sole proprietorship, more golf chatter as BFIB’s bitch via the text line, the Cardinals have finally reached .500, Fescoe had some fiery takes on Twitter regarding St. Louis last night, discussing the KC vs. STL one-sided rivalry, back to the golf banter, the N.L. Central continues to be bizarre, will the Cardinals take advantage of their favorable schedule down the stretch, will there be an opening in the NL Wild Card race, Tim is giving 8 to 1 odds on the Cardinals reaching the NLCS now, does The Cat get post-season bonuses, there really is a River Des Peres Yacht club apparently, discussing local restaurant fare, will The Cat’s son wear his championship rings, ranking the Cards pennant winning teams in the 1980’s, what will The Cat do with his evening off thanks to FS1, how long will Matt Adams’ ovation last on Friday night, will we orchestrate an extra long standing ovate, we have a number of older listeners, Jay has an apology for Nicksy, how likely is there to be an #FFF next Thursday night, Jennings was disappointed by the Kimmy Granger incident, did our listeners scream Free Dotem during Jerry Jones speech, #FunWithAudio from The Colonel’s latest FB Live, will the Ballsacks cuck the Plow Boy.