TMA-Segment 1: Jay & Charlie bringing heat, Doug hates Philly fans

B Team in today as Tim and Jim are out today. Doug is cold. At least he’ll be in Fla next week. Free Dotem Open taking place on June 1st at Normandie. If you want Charlie to read text’s, step up your game. Doug wanted the Pat’s to win because he dislikes Eagle fans. Eagle fans went ballistic after Super Bowl win. Will Blues fans riot if they win the Cup. Plowsy would celebrate by flipping a car. Jay only won 2 out of 20 prop bets. Charlie did better on his prop bets. Foles was awful with the Rams. Joe Roderick calls in to re-cap his week at the Super Bowl. Charlie visited Field of Dreams. He had a catch with his buddy. Carter Hutton had another shutout on Sat. Charlie had a buddy uproot a tree.