TMA – Segment 1: Iggy stories, Cards talk, and Ourand on ESPN

We have a smaller but strong crew today, discussing strategy in softball, Iggy has issues with Lavar Ball being on Monday Night Raw, Doug didn’t see Mike the Miz on Real World, talking Rams uniforms and slogans for St. Louis, Doug doesn’t want a lot of texts, there were some john’s arrested here last night, Iggy has stories about Roxy’s but needs to watch his language, Doug will never look at flashlights in the same light again, is Doug happy to see how hot Grichuk was in his return, Wacha rebounded quite well, Tommy Pham continues to assume a leadership role, will there be a tough decision to make when Dex returns from the DL, could one of their OF’s become trade bait, what are the long-term plans for Voit, Doug wonders if we tend to overvalue players on the Cardinals, John Ourand from the Sports Business Journal joins us now to discuss his recent article on the state of ESPN in wake of their massive layoffs, it’s starting to look unlikely that Doug will ever host Sportscenter, Iggy has behind-the-scenes stories about ESPN, can Sportscenter-type programming ever be a destination or event again, discussion of Craig Kilborn, what exactly is Darren Rovell’s job, nobody can watch the Dodgers in Los Angeles now, Iggy misses Tim, we’re soliciting street conversation, talking movie boyfriends who are d-bags, Doug is down on Award shows, Plowsy has harsh words for Caitlyn Jenner.