TMA – Segment 1: Iggy says the Cardinals are DONE plus umpiring stories

Doug is dreary-eyed from staying up late to watch the Cardinals, spitting hot takes on the Cards latest catastrophe, Iggy says this team is DONE, the Cubs and Brew Crew had brutal losses yesterday as well, catchers should never throw their pitchers under the bus like Miguel Montero did with Jake Arrieta, Rosenthal is perplexing with his inconsistency, the Cardinals can’t construct complete performances regularly anymore, Plowsy wants to see the team clean house a bit and compares Lynn to Shattenkirk, Mike Lee joins the program, Doug needs to put his finger is some chests, classic #FunWithAudio from the legendary pumpkin picking rant, discussing how Fox Sports wanted people to ghostwrite for Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd, Iggy pines for Katie Nolan, Doug should keep a hustle chart, should the Cardinals keep taking chances on the bases, rehashing the Matt Adams trade, why isn’t there more netting around the ballpark in Arizona, should older fellas ever bring a glove with them to the game, Doug ever get tossed from a Little League game, there’s a shortage of youth umpires and referees, camera phones could really expose amateur umpires when they miss a call, why is it so difficult to officiate basketball and hockey, what kind of jorts are worn in Canton.