TMA – Segment 1: Iggy as a Godfather plus Bruce in NYC

We’re in a golden era for Email of the Day, it’s hard to believe that the Raiders are still drawing so well in Oakland, will the Golden Knights be able to maintain their momentum once the NFL arrives in Vegas, Doug doesn’t have Blues prose but he does have takes, somebody held up a Free Dotem sign at the game in Denver last night, #FunWithAudio from the great Mike Francesa, we should all learn to speak Spanish, Tim ponies up at Kirkwood Brewhouse’s patio almost every night, will Iggy stand as Godfather to young Jameson McKernan, what do Godfathers do as compared to Stepfathers, is it cool to still joke about Rick Pitino, Blues chatter, Iggy is an unbelievable lemming, Tim hit on a nice Dodgers and Raiders parlay, The Cat breaks his Hot Take bell, Iggy almost refused Tim’s money on the golf course, Doug gets a little too rough with the Gong, interrogating Doug about his schedule, RX bars are cool now thanks to Tim, Bruce phones in from New York, what is a Gold Star Gay, he’s not happy with STL’s proposal for Amazon, discussing elite parties in NYC, what does Bruce think about Gaga, are big hands a turn on in the gay community, neither Sea Monster or Plowsy have been to New York.