TMA – Segment 1: Iggy and Doug turn us into an old man forum

Good morning to Ben Fred, the boo birds were out at Busch last night, Iggy and Sea Monster will giggle during the Lisa Ann interview, did we oversell the importance of the documentary film After Porn Ends 2, how do porn stars retire, discussing the Cards plus Fredsy’s t-shirt, why wasn’t Hayes in the Rally Cat video, how did he get The Cat name, we’re moving studios again soon, Iggy wants to serve breakfast on the Kirkwood patio, discussing paint and purchasing items from late night infomercials, how do they discover hosts for these programs, Iggy should do live critiques, Strode wants to develop a new driving directions app, more on GPS and Siri, Doug wants a TV show with instructions on how to use smart phones, Iggy sounds even older than Doug today, Vaughn isn’t happy with his son John or eBay, the police intervened when Doug used Craigslist, The Cat also had an incident when his wife purchased something online, Natty Nate joins the program, follow up conversation on pro wrestling, Iggy says he met Xpac in the hot tub at Hedo, transitioning to Cardinals and discussing the status of Leake and Rosenthal.