TMA – Segment 1: Iggy and Biff’s Excellent Adventure

Biff made a massive bet on the Blues last night because it was a Frank Cusumano lock, talking Barstool Fred and Captain Jack, Biff and Iggy are listening to us on their flight, we’re looking forward to the interviews that Strode will conduct up and down the strip, apparently he got a back room pat-down before boarding the plane, talking Peter North, Iceland is allegedly paying people to move there and then marry their beautiful women, Iggy is upset with the accommodations in first class, Plow Boy is enjoying a crumb cake, discussing breakfast cereals, Fun with Audio from Mike Francesa, Joe Thomas is killing it during his ESPN visit, Ken Rosenthal wrote about Scott Boras last night, reviewing some content from Boras on the show yesterday, would Holland or Arrieta be a better fit here, Grichuk made some interesting comments on another “590 The Fan” station yesterday, Hayes is already in regular season #Rightsholder form, who would get booted from the rotation should Arrieta or Lynn be signed.