TMA – Segment 1: HR Derby HOT Takes & Duel in the Sun II preview

HOT TAKES on the Cardinals passing on Aaron Judge in the draft, hello to Jennings, why is Lonzo Ball still the headliner for ESPN, the NBA Summer League is on FIRE, who would Jay have taken in his HR Derby Fantasy Draft, how did MLB determine the seeding, Doug digs the derby but Jennings was not locked in, guessing who was in the 2009 HR Derby right here in St. Louis, where did Cucky purchase his Gimp mask, Iggy updates us on Janine and Tucky, how would Jennings handle #FFF with Janine and what’s up with all of her ink, apparently she did not have lesbian activity in prison, what’s Rob Kaminsky doing these days, why did nobody seeing Aaron Judge coming, Doug enjoys powdered wigs, reviewing Judge’s 2016 stats, what happened to Bestal’s Fan Page, more Iggy stories, Plowsy is still hurling accusations at Giamatti for poor bathroom etiquette, Doug demands that we block the Fan Pager identified by Iggy, more on the bathroom mystery, #FunWithAudio from Larry’s FB Live, should Brother Hebert investigate our fecal crime scene, how many of our listeners were at the DB’s Golf Tournament, Jennings is on Snapchat, remembering the Becky Weisberger Fan Page fiasco, why wasn’t MWBAH present at the G8 Summit, previewing Duel in the Sun II, Cucky is a sneaky good golfer, who will be in the Normandie gallery on Friday afternoon, a listener plans to bring a Tim 3:16 sign, Jay thinks Mrs. Dotem is a cool customer, calculating Tim’s handicap.