TMA – Segment 1: Hot Yoga with a Male Malkova

Douglas is back from his bowel inspection, Plow Boy is double fisting Coke this morning, who dropped ass in the studio, Stingray has gone underground, Plowsy talks about his pornographic producer friend, discussing Airbnb, why are people betting Texas against Mizzou in the Texas Bowl, which golfer does Doug want to rent his house this summer, Vaughn is still monitoring Bitcoin, Tim goes inside baseball on spring training this year, Charlie and Tim talk yoga plus a dude version of Mia Malkova, more on Doug’s colon, discussing Charlie and Vaughn’s fantasy trade again, Marlow has a roster conundrum, Strode engages in excessive lemming behavior, golf chatter, is Tim still in his prime, discussing why Jay won’t be at TMA Live, Iggy has Playboy with Evan Longoria’s wife.