TMA – Segment 1: Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

Did the Tigers covering cost folks a lot of money on Saturday, why does SEC Network carry such a long post-game studio show, The Cat sounds like he’s giving Missouri a spirit win, deep teasing stories from The Ride Her Cup this weekend, what was going on with the Mizzou line before kickoff, Tim was scouting his own podcast, this game shouldn’t be counted as a moral victory, Doug flat breaks things down, the Rams continue to struggle with attendance despite a solid start to the season, discussing NFL injuries, what about Keisha Grey’s toot sleeve and the WNBA Finals, why won’t the Yanks play Matt Holliday, how easy is it to forget Columbus Day, The Cat sings, Plowsy feels good about his decision not to participate in Fantasy Football this season, Bengals talk, Hayes wants more signage Downtown for The Arch, Doug has knowledge on traffic flow, The Cat also isn’t happy with the parking situation near The Arch, Biff joins¬†us for a wide-ranging conversation.