TMA – Segment 1: Happy B-day to the great Tim McKernan

Tim received an interesting card from the TMA cast, is Sea Monster from Brazil, Doug is laying in wait with the Thorough Lemmings Gong, is Plowsy a Cabana Boy, Tim shares Andy Dick stories, Iggy plays Pot Limit Omaha, Producer Joe calls into the presentation, Speedo tuxedos are hot, discussing which concerts @ProdJoe plans to attend, Prod Joe seems to still be at odds with Iggy, why was Pelusi playing at Old Warson, Doug wonders who would even want an Andy Dick autograph, Mike Lee joins the show to talk about his new work schedule, what’s the outlook for the Cardinals playoff chances at this point, Barstool Ria is calling out Kris Jenner, Tim gives some background on his new podcast, describing the conversation with Coach Pinkel, why didn’t Gary appear on TMA after 2012, rare on-air appearance by the Sea Monster, who would Iggy and Doug like to see Tim talk to on the podcast next, Quin Snyder once touched Iggy’s bum.