TMA – Segment 1: Hangover from our 13th Anniversary party

Will we have a hangover from yesterday’s epic presentation, the TMA Anniversary celebration lasted until late into the evening, Danny Mac and Edmonds seemed to be awfully bored during the Cardinals broadcast last night, #FunWithAudio from them discussing the show, is Checkers still around, Plowsy dined at Kirkwood Brewhouse, do people feel food shamed when Tim eats so healthy around them, under what circumstances do we use lemon, what’s the status of our drops, The Cat issues an audio challenge to Buck Swope, yes we repeat jokes, Iggy is dealing golf equipment out of our studio office, joining us via phone is Big Al, why do Cardinals continue to host Star Wars Night, talking Twitter polls, why would someone buy Twitter followers, how many folks are upset by Pride Night, Billy Dee Williams needs to come to STL.