TMA – Segment 1: Girl Next Door with a Dinosaur Tattoo

Hot takes on the NBA, Plowsy is living large at Applebee’s, is anything going on with the Cardinals right now or not, are we going to Spring Training this season, why are so many top free agents still unsigned, is Hosmer worth 7 years, are there whispers of collusion, Plowsy wants to define fair market value, Tim has been going through old InsideSTL pics, there are some of Prod Joe going to the mall with Jim Edmonds, The Cat airs a grievance, Iggy likes to sit in the front seat next to his driver, why was Tkachuk worried about the Non-gay pleasuring Producer Joe, Tim plans to keep digging deeper into the TMA vault, searching for a legendary Ted Danson drop, talking about the girl with dinosaur tattoos, many grandparents perished ahead of our old Girl Next Door events, Ray King is texting frequently about a Taco Bell being on fire, Justin in Columbia is an efficient EOTD player, Plow Boy discussed the loss of his virginity on this week’s Questions from the Audience, Doug and The Cat enjoy wearing slippers, Tim needs some upholstery cleaned at home, does skinny dipping equal cheating, who is Kissa Sins, is Biff going to the AVN’s, Plowsy talks Manuel.