TMA – Segment 1: FS1 Doug takes U.S. Soccer to the woodshed

Doug is ready to rage today over this soccer debacle, what channel was this damn game airing on anyways, Tim did a chat on the Fan Page last night, Taylor Twellman delivered massive hot takes on ESPN last night, Prod Joe joins us to discuss the USMNT situation, following up on Doug’s Fantasy Football check, is the biggest problem that dads are too busy hooking up at youth soccer games, surprise guest as our pal Tommy Smyth joins, #FunWithAudio from the great Mike Francesa, what’s our level of disappointment in the USMNT missing the World Cup via Fan Page poll, what happened to the California Golden Seals, more hockey chatter, has Iggy been in touch with the Swinghaven Board Member, how many times has Iggy been to Hedo and not engaged in coitus, even more Hedo talk.