TMA – Segment 1: FS1 Doug spits fire on the home plate umpire

It’s a little chilly in the studio, we’re doing 6 hours of radio today with TMA Live taking place at Hotshots in Fenton this evening, did you know that umpires could call for time, Doug gives an FS1 style rant on the topic, breaking down the final frame of the ballgame including Rosenthal’s status, Plowsy has some nat sound, do managers automatically get tossed for an ‘F’ bomb, Jay apparently worked over the backside of a short muscled girl, Doug advocates for an electronic strike zone, Jennings questions use of bang machines, Cardinals reporter Derrick Goold joins us courtesy of GFI Digital, Ben Zobrist is on board with Doug when it comes to using technology to call strikes, Tim believes that Rosenthal’s health is a bigger story than the umpiring from last night, will Jay take 7 feet to the face during our show at Hotshots tonight, Mrs. Dotem has feet issues apparently, when is our former intern Tawny going to give birth, Larry has a ride home with the Ballsacks tonight, Iggy predicts that we will indeed get 7 #FFF participants.