TMA – Segment 1: FS1 Doug and Charlie Marlow for Mayor

It’s another odd line combination hosting today, is Doug our pillow-stacker, discussing Blues practice facility news, Chuckles has strong baseball takes, Doug provides an FS1 style rant on the Cardinals still being in the playoff race, should Minor League titles be celebrated by their parent organization and it’s fans, should Luke Weaver and Flaherty been added to the Cardinals rotation earlier this summer, should Waino pitch out of the bullpen upon returning, how focused is the franchise on actually winning this season, Douglas says Beale Street in Memphis is underwhelming, it’s incredible how the Memphis team has performed this year and how many guys from that team have been called up, Stubby Clapp is putting the pressure on Matheny, text reaction to the Blues situation, Vaughn on what should be built on flood planes, talking manatees and other animals, Plowsy discusses dog walking while high, Iggy on growing up near the Botanical Garden, how did the Rams departure impact the STL region’s appetite for any public subsidies, should we be worried about the Blues moving to Kansas City, the project might have started controversially but the Blues shouldn’t be punished for Stan Kroenke’s sins, comparing childhood sports hardships back in the day, where was Doug living when the Stock Market crashed in ’29, Chuck says you can have coffee with the Mayor of Glendale, are the Marlows in St. Louis to stay, one last Doug rant on the hockey facility situation, when did we know that Yadi was hurt, Doug has a conspiracy theory, Cal May audio fun, another FS1 Doug appearance, is today’s game a must-win for the Cardinals, what time does Doug get up for this presentation, would anyone keep working if they won a billion, talking fantasy drafts.