TMA – Segment 1: Francesa Fun & the Legendary Larry Nickel

Why is somebody texting us about Caitlin Jenner, we’re disappointed that there’s no audio of Barrett’s interaction with Francesa, who are people that should not be forgotten about, what if Stingray was robin-fed alongside Larry at a TMA Live, Iggy’s mic isn’t working now, this is Plowsy’s sound board, discussing rules analysts, Fun with Audio from Mike Francesa, The Cat disagrees with Mike’s take on NFL celebrations, Clay Travis and Gottlieb verbally slapped each other around on air yesterday, more on Tennessee’s coaching search mess, would Peyton Manning consider the job, Doug dislikes Saban, discussing how much money schools are wasting on fired coach’s salaries, Doug isn’t happy about College Tuition costs, Tiger Woods is known as Big Cat in the golf world, Iggy talks about Cheryl Ladd, is Trump any good at golf, it’s time for the WWE Recap with Lawrence T. Nickel.