TMA – Segment 1: Everything sounds crisper in Kirkwood

It’s our maiden voyage from the Kirkwood studios, what kind of treats is Plowsy enjoying, we’re trying to get synced up, Iggy’s mic has a lot of base, should we chronicle Doug’s return to the gym, talking shake weights and vile texts, everything sounds crisper in Kirkwood, what would we do with a billion, discussing island vacations, European guys are less ashamed of their guts, Iggy wants to spend a million for a lifetime room at Hedo, Fredsy is worried about his family that’s in the path of the hurricane, Doug took a photo with an attractive and pregnant female nurse yesterday, playing an All-Time great Frank Cusumano drop, Plowsy surprised his gal with flowers this week, will humans ever live on other planets, is beach front property worth the Hurricane risk, Chris Gardner bursts into the building, props to Ryan Kelley for his efforts yesterday, #FunWithAudio from Jason Barrett’s latest podcast, the great Tim McKernan checks into the program.