TMA – Segment 1: Doug’s suspension logule is nearly full

Flat breaking down the Mizzou loss and coaching staff adjustment, looking at entertaining pics of our friend Stingray, Doug breaks out in an FS1-style rant, The Cat still refuses to acknowledge the Reds, more Cardinals chatter, listening to the Spanish call of Yadi’s HR, what’s up with Pham’s eye issue, Big Al has another mysterious text, Doug is running out of pages in the Hotshots leather-bound suspension logule, discussing the Mound City and Crestwood Mall’s incredibly slow demolition, will it be fun when people can watch us from outside on the patio, reconstructing what Missouri’s schedule should look like per Vaughn, time to talk about the Fightin’ Rammies and our waning interest level in the NFL’s product, there’s no ideal team for STL peeps to adopt, none of us won ┬áthe Billion on Draft Kings, explaining Plow Boy’s Packer fandom, what do we make of the Hurricane Irma coverage, Tim talks betting philosophy, what’s up with the Dodgers, continued Cardinals convo, joining us via phone is Mark our official Irma correspondent from Fort Lauderdale.