TMA – Segment 1: Doug’s dinner date with the Plow Boy

Plowsy ate the last snapper at Guanabanas last night, where is The Cat located in the Spring Training compound, things look really loose at Marlins camp, Michael Wacha is walking by the table and we’re counting that as a TMA appearance, what happened in Nashville last night with the Blues collapsing in the 3rd period, Doug does Ken Wilson, discussing Doug and the Plow Boy’s latest date which included a nice vibrating pager, outlining the ground rules for Question of the Day, Tim recently played Trump National, hockey players are usually great golfers also, more Lisa Ann dating game conversation, there’s a guy painting the foul pole, Tim gets suspended, discussing Valentine’s Day, Plowsy isn’t eating Lunchables off his hotel bed comforter this year, Boomer Kingsley phones into the program, Justin in Columbia continues to strike regarding Plow Boy, question about Darin previously dating bulky gals, do women like being called dimes.