TMA – Segment 1: Doug’s 30 year-old European Vacation

What will Lady Gaga wear in St. Louis tonight, should Iggy purchase a new suit of clothes for this occasion, Strode shoe stories, did folks enjoy the Bill Russell discussion yesterday, The Cat has more classic references but won’t say brah, talking Cal Eldred and why Hayes shouldn’t call him Hayseed, Blues preview, Doug likes to eat ice cream out of the carton, Tub and Hitler (?) talk, do you expect bookstores to keep Mein Kampf regularly in stock, discussing WWII memorabilia and Doug’s trip to Europe, he encountered Bob Barker and fans of his Miami newscasts, when did Doug first meet Victor, Plowsy talks about poker night at The Rock, Jennings was the pit boss, Iggy isn’t comfortable talking about Carlie, are people already lined up outside Scottrade Center, what’s up with Michael Porter Jr., what exactly are trade concepts when it comes to Stanton, where is the ideal place to reside in St. Louis, what if Giancarlo lived next to Iggy, discussing The Cat’s neighbors, would Iggy live in a van or a tiny house, Plowsy has gross takes.