TMA – Segment 1: Doug Vaughn is shopping for a new couch

We start the morning with a bell choir, The Cat sings because music is the international language, Jennings is starting to feel old, there’s some TMA Fan Page drama to discuss, Jennings should attend the AVN’s next year, Iggy explains Lisa Ann’s return to Jay Jr., Vaughn rants about goalie interference in the Blues game plus needing a new couch, pocket doors are discussed, Iggy wants the old couch complete with Doug’s DNA intact, cloning Doug could soon be scientifically feasible, The Cat is reading texts, more Doug ranting on the Bruins goal, Plowsy flat breaks down the Blues, are Daddy Padre jerseys available for purchase, should Kurt Warner replace Gruden on Monday Night Football, debating Tony Romo’s value as an analyst, Jason Barrett just announced his Top 20 Program Directors, Eddie McVey joins us for the Maggie O’Briens Picks of the Week.