TMA – Segment 1: Doug Vaughn accepts Fergie’s apology

Who is our station voice now, college basketball chatter, are we on a delay this morning, Doug is concerned about frayed wires, repeating the bell test, has Ben Boyd sabotaged Access 1, editing our show open on the fly, Doug Vaughn knows about the Dayton Flyers, Richard Justice wrote about MLB off-season winners, more baseball banter, Fergie has issued an apology for her rendition of the National Anthem, the Barstool chicks held her accountable, how old is Fergie, how would Charlie fare if he performed the anthem at a River City Rascals game, Doug sings and then praises Charles Glenn, Lana Rhoades has finally blocked Iggy on Twitter, Iggy says Gaga smells like sweet lilacs, remembering the diaper era on TMA, Keith Tkachuk talked about Daddy Padre on Tim’s podcast this week, Mike Lee joins the presentation, Yahoo is projecting Mikolas to win 15 games this season, Doug is still despondent about Daddy Padre’s role as the emergency goalie in St. Louis, Iggy was a good soccer goalie.