TMA – Segment 1: Doug rant, Thrones talk, & Duel in the Sun II recap

Hello to Ben Fred, we love to take calls coming off the weekend, update on Email of the Month standings, the Quintana trade has already paid off for the Cubs, Doug rants on the Cards bullpen, Fredbirdson brings up Martinez’s blue hair, why is ESPN giving so much coverage to Lonzo Ball and Summer League action, teasing our coverage of the John Deere Classic, Doug didn’t get much rest having anchored late last night on KMOV, don’t underestimate the Mets, talking professional darts, Strode wasn’t happy with the Game of Thrones premiere, Tim wasn’t happy with the Sea Monster’s podcast recommendation, Iggy complains about only having brief nudity in GoT, Doug impresses us using his hummingbird tongue, discussing Duel in the Sun II, wedge play determined the match-up, #FunWithAudio from the FB Live broadcast, why was Tim wearing pants and all back for the match, people were furious about the Plow Boy’s poor cell signal on the course, why were dudes wearing basketball jerseys in the gallery, Swope captured some masterful pics, PGA Dan dispatched Cucky, Frederickson encountered some lemmings at the Jason Isbell concert, Jennings checks into the presentation, will Iggy surrender his spot so Tim can re-enter the Fan Pin championship, Jay says he got an extra boost because Ballsack’s wife sent him a foot pic, talking golf course WiFi.