TMA – Segment 1: Doug is trying to cash fraudulent checks

We have Missouri vs. Kentucky circled on the calendar, Larry and Plowsy are going to do journalism when the WWE is in town later this month, Doug has a Hockeyism in honor of the Blues season opening victory in Pittsburgh, what’s a slapping biscuit, talking over the Ride Her Cup festivities tomorrow, additional golf chatter, Doug hasn’t been able to access his Fantasy Baseball winnings, Prod Joe is the Roger Goodell of Fantasy Sports, we have to clear phone lines in order to call Pelusi, in a surprising turn of events Justin in Columbia¬†is defending Joe in this instance, Big Al phones into the program, up next is Zach to discuss his tentative position on Tim’s golf team, did Doug accuse Jonathan Diehl of sandbagging, Jennings first got into foot play at Rend Lake, now “Ahmad Rashad” calls into the show, what would Greg Norman shoot at Tower Tee.