TMA – Segment 1: Doug is Keira Knightley for Buck Swope

How well do the listeners know us, will Fox Sports Midwest become ESPN Midwest, Doug delivers an FS1 style rant on replay in the NFL, what else has his dander up this morning, the school teacher who robin-fed Larry Nickel last Thursday night has joined the Fan Page, Iggy was lurking, discussing a Swingers cruise and other creepy tales from Kenny Strode, what was with the index card in that NFL game yesterday, recapping TMA Live at Hotshots Manchester, Swope took a lot of solo Doug pics, discussing the interracial story line from Love Actually, Zach calls in to help with pronunciation, Plowsy caressed the nipple of Dave the Pipe Layer, Walking Dead chatter, Larry Nickel is on a billboard with Ryan Kelley now, what kind of TMA calendar should we produce, talking Billy Martin and managers who like arguing a lot, Biff joins the presentation, Iggy is busy looking up new Thai fashion trends, Gentle has agreed to attend the AVN’s with Biff, talking Muppets and Strip Club cuisine, Mount Rushmore of TMA listener wives.